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Beautiful photos of a Gunkajima, an abandoned island off the coast of Japan.

(via BoingBoing)


  1. some guy

    i hate blogs so much. every other search result on Google is a blog these days. you people think you’re the Internet’s journalists, but much like “real” journalists, you’re just filling the airwaves (bandwidth) with noise when i want a signal. it’s a self-referencing and self-important orgy of hyperlinks, re-posting each other’s posts ad infinitum while people who are actually looking for the source have to wade through knee-deep Moveable Type Hell to get there.

    the website referenced above has been online for three years, but bloggers are jumping all over it like it’s just fallen out of the sky. so fuck you and your blog. i hope somebody in your family dies soon.

  2. dylan

    My, my, my, someone woke up cranky this morning!

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