“Felons and foreigners can, and do, own computer voting machine companies.” So says environmental activist Lynn Landes, quoted in Kim Zetter’s in-depth exposť detailing the many problems with e-voting.

Zetter’s investigation covers more ground than any critique I’ve read so far, although it is skewed toward the perspective of one voting rights activist, Bev Harris. Still, it’s a thorough and well-documented piece of journalism and gives many sound reasons why we should be leery of e-voting machines.

Particularly juicy scuttlebutt: Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel was, until three weeks before starting his first Senate bid, the chairman of a voting machine company, and remained a major stakeholder; his company’s machines counted 85 percent of the vote in his 1995 victory, a major upset. Coincidence? Maybe not–but his staff has come down hard on reporters who investigate.