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Month: February 2004 (page 2 of 3)

Even journalists can be offshored.

Reuters is hiring six journalists in India to do basic financial reporting. Not exactly your typical wire service overseas bureau, since these journalists are doing reporting on American companies: Reuters Takes Outsourcing to a New Level With Journalists.

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Duck, duck, goose!

“You don’t need to be cramming food down Donald Duck’s throat to have foie gras,” says California state senator John Burton. Right he is– foie gras is traditionally made from goose livers. The Chron seems equally ignorant: Foie gras flap spreads — bill would ban duck dish

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Spot the fake smiles.

This BBC site shows you 20 different people smiling and asks you to spot the fake smiles. It’s based on the research of Dr. Paul Ekman. How good are you at reading faces? (thanks, Null)

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Besides, you can’t even spell ‘Moveable’

Why your Movable Type blog must die, a fine rant against the rising tide of weblog smog.

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Random name generator.

Where do spammers come up with such ridiculous monikers as Kenyatta Bodenhagen, Nanette Triplett, and Oblong R. Bachelor? Why, the random name generator, of course.

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RIM BlackBerry 7230

Like a camel, the BlackBerry 7230 is a beast that looks as if it were designed by committee. It combines features of a phone, e-mail client, Web browser, and organizer into a compact, portable, and fairly usable package. Like other smart phones (such as the Treo 600), the result ain’t all that pretty, but if you want constant connectivity — or the appearance of it — you’ll probably overlook the design compromises.… Read the rest

Mac Daddy.

Got my first Mac this week: a refurbished G4 iMac, with a 17″ screen, from Apple.com. Everyone around me seems amazed that I’d buy a Mac, as if I just converted to Catholicism or something, but to me it’s a fairly practical decision, and it’s based entirely on the software available for the Mac platform.… Read the rest

Dell Digital Jukebox

It lacks the cool supermodel sophistication of Apple’s iPod, but don’t hate it because it’s ugly. The Dell Digital Jukebox makes up for its lack of looks with a charming devotion to musical excellence. With its exceptionally long battery life and low price, the Dell DJ is an especially practical MP3 player.… Read the rest

Panasonic SV-AV100 D-Snap SD Video Camcorder

When it comes to home videos — and the camcorders that make them — smaller really is better. After all, it’s the sheer capacity of videotape that enables Uncle Phil to make the family sit through the entire three hours of your cousin’s second wedding.… Read the rest

DataViz Documents To Go Premium Edition 6.0

For contacts and appointments, handhelds are natural-born organizers. But their ever-increasing processor speeds and memory capacities also make them tempting tools for getting real work done when you’re away from your desk. One drawback has been that, until now, no Palm or Pocket PC device has been able to handle Microsoft Office documents without first converting them to a PDA-friendly format.… Read the rest

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