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Apple Madness.

I stopped by the new Apple Store in San Francisco yesterday afternoon, its opening day. Total madness: The place was packed with people, every single product on display had someone playing with it, plus two or three people waiting in line to take a look, and lots of folks were just milling around. Some nice touches–a low table with about 8 iMacs on it, and toddlers (with parents) happily playing kiddie games–but overall it looked just like any other Apple store, except bigger, and more architectural plexiglas. iPods and iPod Minis were flying out the door. I bought nothing: all too expensive.

Note: the store is not “just off Union Square.” It is actually just off Market Street, just across from the big Virgin Megastore. But that sounds so much less posh.

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  1. FLW

    No plexi in that glass 🙂

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