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Month: June 2003

Great data, but will it last?

According to Lynne Brindley, chief executive of the British Library, “the world produces 1-2 exabytes (i.e. 1-2 billion gigabytes) of unique information per year, of which only 0.003 per cent is in printed form.” This article talks about efforts (by DSpace and other initiatives) to store up some of that digital flood for the future.… Read the rest

Defensive Postures

THE SQL SLAMMER WORM began its rampage shortly after midnight on Jan. 25, 2003. Within days, the insidious piece of code had infected more than 120,000 computers, slowed Internet traffic, crashed sites and even disabled ATMs, costing companies an estimated $1 billion in lost productivity worldwide, according to analyst firm Mi2g.… Read the rest

Parallel P2P.

More on Kazaa and Altnet: the two companies are creating a secure P2P network that will operate in parallel with the public Kazaa network — and will pay users to host files on the new network. This looks like an attempt to build a robust distribution network that will support digital rights enforcement, without having to actually buy servers and bandwidth — instead, offer users prizes in exchange for ponying up their own bandwidth.… Read the rest

Books on the floor.

When I was first learning about the Web, in 1994, one of the first analogies I came across was that the Internet is like a huge university library with millions of books and journals and newspapers — except that there’s no card catalog and all the books have just been dumped randomly onto the floor.… Read the rest

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