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World Poetry Day on tinywords.

A comment from Scot reminds me that you all might be interested to hear how last week’s World Poetry Day event on tinywords went. The short answer: Amazingly well! More than 60 poets from around the world (India, Ireland, Trinidad, Australia, the U.S., Mexico, and more) submitted their haiku online, and I read them all aloud at Yerba Buena, thanks to a solid WiFi connection from someone (not, curiously, the TMobile hotspot in the Starbucks adjacent, but some other, free signal — emanating from the Moscone Center beneath my feet, perhaps?)

Here are pictures and a writeup, and here’s the whole collection of World Poetry Day haiku. You can even buy T-shirts commemorating the event.

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  1. Scot Hacker

    Sounds like the event was a gas… I should have dropped one into the mix. Very much in the spontaneous spirit to rely on an unknown WiFi connection for a live cast.

    Does your wee daughter have a tinywords infant T-shirt?

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