Cory Doctorow fans and others might be interested in the full, unedited transcript of my interview with Cory Doctorow.

Doctorow is a fast talker, so even though the interview lasted less than 45 minutes, this transcript is almost 8,500 words. I’ve done almost no editing — it’s pretty much a straight transcription of the audio recording. I didn’t record every single “um” and “you know” but otherwise the transcript is pretty faithful.

The edited version of this interview was published on 1/23/2003 by SFGate.

Cory Doctorow is author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (Tor Books, 2003)
This interview took place at EFF offices, 454 Shotwell St., SF
Interviewer: Dylan Tweney, dylan at
Transcriber: Dylan Tweney

Click here for the full transcript.