Game, set, and match.

[1] The Inquirer: Moore’s Law meets market saturation. “Today, accountants to video heads have enough horsepower at their fingertips to keep themselves sated. Why shell out $1500 in next year’s technology for a measly 3-5% performance bump on the most bleeding-edge applications?”

[2] Brewster Kahle on storage requirements at the Internet Archive: “It costs $40,000 a month just to buy new storage. Next year it will cost half that for the same amount of storage but by then there will be twice as much to record, or more.”

[3] Ilkka Tuomi: “Contrary to popular claims, it appears that the common versions of Moore’s Law have not been valid during the last decades. As semiconductors are becoming important in economy and society, Moore’s Law is now becoming an increasingly misleading predictor of future developments.”