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Month: November 2002 (page 3 of 3)

Success and how to avoid it.

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History of information.

Weinberger posts some interesting historical notes on how the usage of the term ‘information’ has changed since the advent of the computer age.

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Gutenberg gets help.

Help Project Gutenberg build its collection of digital documents by proofreading or scanning public-domain texts at Distributed Proofreaders.

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Writing tips from Gareth Branwyn.

Gareth Branwyn offers a number of solid tips on writing well (or, as he calls it, sucks-less writing). (thanks, BoingBoing)

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Top 10 reasons to be a librarian.

This ALA Journal article spells out the top 10 reasons to be a librarian.

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MIT’s DSpace.

MIT and HP this week unveiled a digital library project called DSpace. The system is designed to be a manageable repository for research material, such as conference papers, technical reports, and other kinds of media.

“Preserving data in an accessible manner is increasingly becoming a problem for a number of universities and government agencies.… Read the rest

Still Waiting for the Web Services Miracle

They haven’t changed the world yet, but there are ways to make them work.

If you flip though the technology magazines of a year ago, you’ll likely find a lot of stories touting Web services as the next big new technology you need to know about.… Read the rest

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