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Month: October 2002 (Page 4 of 5)

Internet radio lives

Compromise legislation passed by the House yesterday sets Internet radio royalty rates at a reasonable level for small broadcasters. “The parties ultimately agreed to a deal that would let small Webcasters pay a percentage of their revenues to labels and artists, instead of a flat per-song fee.”… Read the rest

War makes me sick

From Shava Nerad: If every person drew the phrase “War Makes Me Sick” on a piece of paper and taped it in their back window, or their bike basket, or put it in their front window, maybe it would be more clear what disgust we have for what’s going on.… Read the rest

Book: Small Pieces Loosely Joined

Small Pieces Loosely Joined, by David Weinberger (Perseus, 2002)

Something about David Weinberger’s writing style really makes me want to use the word “avuncular.” I’m not sure why — his writing is not particularly uncle-like — but there is something about his friendly, down-to-earth, thoughtful-chat-by-the-fireside-with-a-glass-of-brandy-in-hand manner that makes me want to use the word, however inappropriately.… Read the rest

Book: Mrs. Bridge

Mrs. Bridge. by Evan S. Connell, Jr. (1959). I picked up this novel in the library on a whim, because it was near Joseph Conrad, and because it’s told entirely in short, disconnected episodes (anywhere from a paragraph or two up to three or four pages at the longest).… Read the rest

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