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How to reverse the DMCA

Bob Cringely has a sensible strategy for how to roll back the DMCA and its egregious limitations on technology and fair use: civil disobedience. “Everyone who hates the DMCA has to illegally copy a movie or a song, and then tell both the Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office exactly what they did. We need 10 million or so confessed and unrepentant intellectual property pirates. … Then, having pirated our movie or song, we also need to turn ourselves in to the authorities, clogging every hoosegow in America, facing our potential $10,000 fine, each of us demanding the jury trial we are guaranteed under the Constitution.

“If we all do this, REALLY do it, the DMCA will be gone in a year. This follows the simple principal that if you or I drive 100 miles-per-hour on the highway, we get a ticket, but if EVERYONE drives 100 miles-per-hour, they change the speed limit.”

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  1. xian

    hey, wasn’t this the same strategy we were supposed to use to get marijuana laws rationalized? i just noticed that never happened. i must have spaced out.

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