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Month: October 2002 (page 1 of 5)

Broadband’s killer app.

Werbach critiques the accepted wisdom that sorting out the digital copyright mess is a prerequisite to widespread broadband adoption. According to Werbach, it’s a mistake to think that video-on-demand will be broadband’s killer app:

“Real killer apps tend to surprise people.… Read the rest

PowerPoint Anthology of Literature.

Daniel Radosh has just published the excellent PowerPoint Anthology of Literature, featuring one- or two-slide PowerPoint versions of Hamlet, Lolita, Goodnight Moon, and others. (Thanks to Dan Pink, who also recommends Abe Lincoln’s PowerPoint presentation for the Gettysburg Address.)… Read the rest

RSS Validator

Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby have posted a useful RSS Validator on the Internet Archive’s site. It validates both RSS 1.0 and 2.0, which is nice and nonpartisan of it. It even detected that I was using Movable Type and provided me with templates to fix both my RSS 1.0 feed and to upgrade my old 0.91 feed to an RSS 2.0 feed within MT.… Read the rest

Werbach on open spectrum

Several bloggers have recommended Kevin Werbach’s paper on open spectrum. “Almost everything you think you know about spectrum is wrong,” Kevin begins.

Read the rest

Knowledge management isn’t

A paper by T.D. Wilson at the University of Sheffield tackles The nonsense of ‘knowledge management’.

Quote: “‘Knowledge’ is defined as what we know: knowledge involves the mental processes of comprehension, understanding and learning that go on in the mind and only in the mind … .… Read the rest

Eldred transcript

Here’s a transcript of the Eldred v. Ashcroft arguments that took place earlier this month at the Supreme Court. (via Gillmor)

Read the rest

Sinead was right

Remember when Sinead O’Connor committed career suicide by ripping up a photo of the Pope on TV about ten years ago? She was protesting his position on abortion, right?

That’s what I thought, too — but I was wrong. Turns out she was protesting the Catholic Church’s complicity in covering up child abuse by priests.… Read the rest

Santa Slam

It happens every December. The holiday season brings with it hordes of online shoppers, and — despite having months to prepare — many websites aren’t able to keep up. Learn how you can avoid this fate in my latest column for Business 2.0, The Santa Slam.… Read the rest

How to beat the market

Vic Norton, a mathematician (and my stepfather), has published a paper on how you can use a weighted Sharpe ratio to optimize your investment mix and beat the market.

I don’t have the mathematical chops to evaluate Norton’s approach, but it looks pretty good: If you had used this investment strategy over the past eight years, you would have nearly matched the S&P 500 during the boom years, and your investment would have continued to grow during the 2000 – 2002 bust.… Read the rest

The Santa Slam

The holiday rush is coming, and as usual, many sites won’t be able to handle the traffic. Here’s how you can prepare for this year, and beyond.

It happens every December. The holiday season brings with it hordes of online shoppers, and — despite having months to prepare — many websites aren’t able to keep up.Read the rest
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