New workplace terminology, from “outplacement firm” Challenger, Gray, and Christmas:

Righteous CEO (Chief Ethics Officer): Executive selected to review corporate operations and practices to ensure that ethical standards are being met.

Sitting Bull: Retirement-age worker who, due to stock market and other savings losses, will not leave, thus blocking younger workers from advancing.

Wilted Lettuce: What Human Resources consider candidates who start interviewing after taking a long break following discharge while living off a generous severance package.

Re-Generation: Over 65 and working.

Office Park Dad: The new “soccer mom” — a suburban, non-union, stock-owning political moderate, age 25-50, typically part of two-career household.

20/20 Workforce: Workers who split time evenly between two part time jobs.

Dual-Job Entrepreneur: Worker who runs his or her own business in addition to working a traditional full-time job that may include homemaker.

Sad-Grad: Recent college graduate living with parents, with credit card and school load debt, and no job prospects.

Pop Perks: Last-minute, tax-free perks such as the boss telling a worker in the morning to take the afternoon off (with pay) that day.

Rung Jumper: Someone who enters a new position at least two or three levels above his or her previous position.