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Content management on the cheap

Don’t miss my latest Business 2.0 column, Are You Overpaying for Content Management?

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  1. Dylan Tweney

    Reader John Hoskins ( JHoskins98 at aol dot com ) wrote to say:

    I liked your article on CMS but… While I worked as an IT manager, I found that it was not the problem just that IT led the CMS efforts but that no group understood the whole picture. For CMS to work, you need three functions to come together – 1) system support 2) process change (or business re-engineering as some people like to use) and 3) content producers (or the business owner if you want to generalize).

    Unfortunately, IT looks at it like a systems issue with no people focus. The content producers think that the system side is easy. And there were no real process re-engineering folks to be found who knew their ass from a hole in the ground.

    Overall, I would say that so few projects that involve IT are successful because there have been too many projects in the past that failed that for the most part, IT forgot how to be successful. Those shops that were able to prioritize and execute successfully continued to do so but, alas, a whole group of companies never understood how to predicably and repetitively have success.

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