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New tweney.com URLs

I’ve moved things around on my site, so everything that was formerly www.tweney.com is now dylan.tweney.com — including this weblog (whose new address is https://dylan.tweney.com/weblog). Please update your bookmarks & XML syndication links.

NOTE: I believe that webmasters should do everything in their power to preserve URLs, once they’ve been published — and especially once other people have linked to those URLs. So I’m not actually removing any content from the site, and old URLs to tweney.com should still work. In a few cases I’ll make old pages (like the old weblog URL) point to the new pages, so no one gets stranded on the old site, thinking I just haven’t updated it in ages. But, while old content isn’t going away, all the new content will now be posted under the dylan.tweney.com subdomain.

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  1. Scot Hacker

    Congrats on the new site – looks great!

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