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Month: April 2002

Global Trend or Passing Fad: Putting Government Services Online

Article Summary:
Around the world, government is turning into e-government, as local, state, and federal government entities move more of their content and services onto the Web. Although the public sector lags behind the private sector in implementing Internet technologies, e-government projects have benefited from the lessons of e-commerce pioneers, and many governments now offer interactive, transaction-oriented Web sites.Read the rest

Buying Industrial-Strength Tech on the Cheap

How do you run an IT department on a tight budget? Two words: Linux and eBay.

Five years ago, if you had proposed running some of your company’s most critical applications on an operating system originally developed by a longhaired Finnish teenager and given away for free, your IT manager would have laughed you out of his office.… Read the rest

Does Your Company Need a CTO?

The economy may have slowed down, but that doesn’t mean the pace of technological change has abated. If anything, choices about technology are getting harder to make — you have a smaller budget to work with and more options for how to spend it.… Read the rest

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