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Month: July 2001 (page 1 of 2)

Need for Speed

So you’ve just finished the big website redesign. Your designers and engineers have put in hundreds of hours, you’ve quelled three rebellions in the IT department, and you’ve put the site through extensive QA testing. Now you’re ready to switch on the site and pop open the bubbly, right?Read the rest

Integrating online and offline business

Integrating online and offline business
Harder than it looks, but you really have no alternative. My latest column for Business 2.0 looks at the lessons to be learned from Webvan’s collapse — and its smarter competitor, U.K.-based Tesco.

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Microsoft suffocating software development?

Microsoft suffocating the software-development ecosystem?
Software giant removes Java support from Windows XP. Author and developer Clay Shirky asks PC manufacturers to resist Redmond by installing Java on their PCs anyway. Columnist Dan Gillmor is a supporter.

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FBI busts Russian programmer

FBI busts Russian programmer
For cracking Adobe’s weak PDF encryption scheme.
Free-speech activists retaliate
Boycott Adobe / Free Dmitri campaign, clever logo

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Hope for the future

Hope for the future: A couple of recent news stories point to the incredible resourcefulness — and speedy learning — of young people encountering the Internet for the first time. The Financial Times reported late last week on Indian street children discovering free Internet terminals placed on the streets of Delhi by a researcher.… Read the rest

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