YOUNG PEOPLE ARE THE FUTURE: 41% of American Internet users are buying things online — a third more than last year. 75% of those surveyed say the Internet has improved their lives. 52% are rearranging furniture to make room for their computers. But the most significant finding from a recent AOL/Roper Starch survey is that 63% of people age 9 to 17 would rather use the Internet than watch TV.

Any sign that American kids are watching less TV bodes well for the future, in my opinion. But don’t look for zooming test scores just yet: Another study, by the Fortino Group, predicts that those age 10-17 will be 34% more reserved, will participate in 22% fewer sports and outdoor activities, and will score worse in spelling and grammar than their Generation X elders. On the other hand, the youngsters’ understanding of global markets will be greater, the study says.

My question: How do you measure a 34% increase in shyness?

AOL/Roper Starch Cyberstudy 1999

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