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Life hacks for using social networks without being miserable.

Using Facebook can make you depressed, according to a survey of some relevant social-science research. But the same research suggests three ways to hack your mind-Facebook interface.

How GitHub is building a platform and supporting open source (podcast)

In this week’s episode, we talk with Kakul Srivastava, the VP of product management for GitHub. We caught up with her recently to talk about how GitHub has evolved into a platform (and what it means to be a platform), how the company figures out which new features and products to build, and the role […]

How Castlight is using data to transform health care (podcast)

We’re investigating the nature of these Innovation Engines in a series of What To Think podcasts, sponsored by Pivotal Tracker, and columns by VentureBeat editor at large Dylan Tweney. Tune in here to learn the secrets behind the tech world’s most successful platforms. In this week’s episode, we talk with Jonathan Rende, the new chief research […]

Tech billionaires tackle politics the way Batman fights crime

This week, the tech industry made two big moves that show that tech — or at least its most successful billionaire founders — is beginning to understand how much political power it commands.

The iPad Pro might point to the future, but that future’s not here yet

  OPINION: The iPad Pro is one of the most hotly anticipated products to come out of Apple in quite awhile. The 12.9-inch work-oriented tablet went on sale this week, and the first crop of reviews came out yesterday. Unfortunately for Apple fans, some of those reviews don’t look so hot. Reviewers who normally rave […]

VC Tomasz Tunguz explains his approach to SaaS investing (podcast)

  In this week’s episode, we talk with Tomasz Tunguz, a partner at Redpoint Ventures and a noted expert on SaaS company metrics. Tunguz explains how a law firm internship in South America when he was 17 launched him into tech, building a small software company and then winding up at Google before landing at […]

Using data to improve diversity — and business performance

Too often diversity discussions in business are framed as a zero-sum game: affirmative action versus meritocracy, minority versus majority, them versus us. There are some hopeful signs that the tech industry is starting to realize that this is not the case. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Amazon — among others — have all made a […]

I, for one, welcome our new surveillance robot overlords

Knightscope founder and CEO William Santana Li is not modest in his ambitions. He estimates that crime — of all kinds — has an annual global economic impact of a trillion dollars. That’s $1 trillion lost every year due to theft, vandalism, robbery, violence, and more. He wants to cut that in half. And to do […]

Netflix reveals the future of enterprise tech: Here’s why

I was sitting in a conference on enterprise infrastructure this week when I realized that the generational shift long promised by cloud advocates is finally, irreversibly underway. That shift is away from “legacy” data centers built on x86 servers, VMware-managed hypervisors, SQL databases from Oracle, and storage hardware provided by EMC. Replacing all that are […]

Twitter Moments joins a long lineup of attempts to curate the news

Twitter Moments is a latecomer to the social news curation game. Lots of people have attempted to extract useful signals about the news from the huge mess of social data, with varying results.

You think women in tech have a problem? We all have a problem

The tech industry’s complicated and sorry treatment of women has become a big topic. Lawsuits have helped blow up the issue. Most notably, former Kleiner Perkins partner Ellen Pao filed a discrimination suit against the VC giant last year, lost the suit this year, and recently dropped her planned appeal. Also in the spotlight are […]

The writing is on the wall for the ad-supported Web: It’s the end of the line

The latest version of Apple’s mobile OS includes tools for developers to create ad-blocking software, affording mobile users the same freedom from advertising that desktop browser add-ons like AdBlock Plus and Ghostery have provided for years. That might just be the beginning of the end for the ad-supported Web.

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