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Month: April 2020

The Eyak word for rain means “something is happening.” 

–Eva Saulitis, Into Great Silence, p. 230

This sentence appears near the end of the book, where Saulitis talks about the Eyak people of the coastal rainforest of Alaska. 

The Eyak are a distinct cultural group, separate from the Tlingit, who migrated thousands of years ago from the interior to the coast.… Read the rest

Walking through a shitstorm.

So last week I went for a walk before starting work. It was a simple, small walk, just around the block. I was enjoying the sunshine and the blue sky and paused to appreciate the gnarled, massive pepper tree on the street parallel to ours, which I don’t see nearly enough because I usually don’t walk that way.… Read the rest

Either way, you get your pet back.

One of the last decisions we had to make when my father was in hospice care was whether we wanted a teddy bear made out of one of his shirts. It was just a day or two before he died, and we didn’t know exactly when it would happen, but it was clear he was getting close to the end.… Read the rest

The Big Here

There’s a “Long Now” foundation, devoted to cultivating a broader, more expansive and inclusive sense of time: “Now” could mean not just this second, but this minute, this day, this year, this generation, this century.

Perhaps we also need a “Big Here” foundation.… Read the rest

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