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Month: February 2020

The way I work with these events in my own life is, I notice what occurs (and what I feel and what I learn) rather than trying to make a specific result. That in itself is fairly rare. “Noticing what happens” is the thing that does not usually happen.

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Grief and gratitude.

moonrise over Beatty, Nevada

I’m not entirely sure I know the difference between grief and depression.

My father died on February 7, and for the past two and a half weeks, I’ve been grieving his death. This is normal and expected. It’s exactly the kind of ordinary devastation that people all over the world feel every day, that we will all feel eventually.… Read the rest

It is strange to see everything in the Bible as a creation of the Spirit, which inspires those who write it, through different epochs. It is never thought, for example, that the works of Emerson, Whitman and Bernard Shaw have the same author.

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There’s a modern tendency to dismiss the five precepts as Sunday-school rules bound to old cultural norms that no longer apply to modern society, but this misses the role that the Buddha intended for them: as part of a course of therapy for wounded minds.… Read the rest

Ryan D. Tweney, 1943-2020

Ryan D. Tweney

Ryan D. Tweney, professor, book collector, husband, father, and mentor, died February 7 in Pahrump, Nevada, aged 76. Born in Detroit, Ryan was raised by his mother Helene Tweney and grandmother Viola Marciniak, and educated at Cass Technical High School, the University of Chicago, and Wayne State University, where he earned a Ph.D.… Read the rest

Let’s see, my Latin is poor, but I remember the phrase: “non in tempore sed cum tempore Deus creavit … I do not know what … ordinem mundi.” That means, “Not in time but with time God created the world.” To create the world is to create time.

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