The set of Press Here, with Jen O'Neal, Dylan Tweney, Laura Mandaro, and Scott McGrew

The lovely folks at NBC Bay Area invited me back to Press:Here, Silicon Valley’s answer to “Meet the Press.” I was on the show on Sunday with Laura Mandaro and host Scott McGrew. We talked for about 8 minutes apiece with the founders of Munchery,, and HackerOne. Here are the three video segments!

Tri Tran, Munchery

Munchery offers meal delivery, not by shipping you meals from restaurants but by cooking and shipping food from its own kitchens. The company has raised $117M in funding to date. But is it just contributing to the infantilization of Silicon Valley?

Jen O’Neal,

Tripping is a travel aggregator, letting you find a place to stay among hundreds of vacation rental sites around the world. We talked about how the travel market is so big it not only supports, but actually needs aggregators and intermediaries like this.

Alex Rice, HackerOne

HackerOne helps companies set up bounty programs, so they can pay hackers to inform them about security flaws — instead of exploiting those flaws. Alex was a HackerOne customer at Facebook and then joined the other two cofounders to help launch the company.