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Month: July 2015

Microsoft strikes a humble pose, and hopes to earn a shot at redemption

Upgrade strategy: get Philz coffee. Waaaaaiiiiitttttt. #windows10

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With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is telegraphing an attitude one doesn’t often see in companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars: Humility.… Read the rest

Sometimes 40-year-old technology actually is the best tool for the job

Technology changes far slower than we usually think it does.

In fact, a pretty-good technology that achieves widespread acceptance has a way of sticking around for years, even decades. Just look at how many people still listen to AM radio, buy CDs at concerts, or drive cars with internal combustion engines and four wheels.… Read the rest

How Twilio is building a software platform to refresh a 150-year-old technology (podcast)


This episode of the What to Think podcast is sponsored by Pivotal Tracker.

In this week’s podcast, we kick off an occasional series of interviews with platform builders: the founders and inventors who are creating software platforms upon which others are able to build things.… Read the rest

You won’t believe how honest this CEO is about blowing $185M

Quirky founder Ben Kaufman onstage with Fortune editor Alan Murray.

Quirky might seem like one of the more extreme examples of Silicon Valley excess in recent years, but its recent pivot — and the way its CEO handled it — is a rare example of honesty and transparency.

The startup’s premise was inspired, if a little idealistic: Take inventors’ half-baked ideas, help them turn those ideas into legitimate products, then sell those products in stores, sharing profits with the inventors.… Read the rest

3 takeaways from 3 big tech outages: NYSE, United, and WSJ

Press here to panic.

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What a day! Yesterday morning, the New York Stock Exchange went offline, United Airlines grounded its entire fleet, and the Wall Street Journal website went offline.

All three outages were related to technical glitches of one sort or another. And on top of that, the Chinese stock market tanked.… Read the rest

Wattpad hooks up with Cosmopolitan.com for hot, steamy content partnership

Cosmopolitan's Bedroom Blog is steamy stuff.

When Carter kissed me, it wasn’t for a brief moment. It was a kiss that carried us from one hot moment against the painting, my hands dipping underneath his pajama pants and sliding around, gripping his hard ass. It was a kiss where he growled my name and wrapped his hands around my waist, picking me up and carrying me to the wooden farm table, setting me on its surface, his hands busy as they yanked my shirtdress out from underneath my butt and pulled the thin fabric up and over my head.

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Blocking ads can cut network traffic 25% to 40%, study shows

A highway traffic jam.

For advertisers, ad-blocking software is an annoyance. For IT administrators, it might just be the key to reducing network congestion.

A recent study (.pdf) by Simon Fraser University in British Columbia has found that installing ad-blocking software reduces ordinary Web-browsing bandwidth usage by 25 percent.… Read the rest

Email is broken, it needs to die, and we’ll be sorry when it’s gone


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Everyone hates email. It wastes our time, too much of it is spam, it’s a to-do list that strangers can write on, it’s ugly, it’s slow, it’s unreliable. And did I mention the spam?

Perhaps the worst thing about email is the way it makes us unlikeable.… Read the rest

Fast-growing data analytics company Looker hires former Box exec Jen Grant (Q&A)

Jen Grant is the new CMO of Looker.

Jen Grant has joined Looker as its chief marketing officer. She was formerly a vice president of marketing at Box and a CMO at Elasticsearch.

Looker's graph illustrates growth in usage of its platform.Looker may not be one of the big names in data analytics, yet, but the company has impressive growth.… Read the rest

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