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Month: June 2015 (page 1 of 2)

This could be the year that Docker hits the big time

At Docker's DockerCon conference in San Francisco on June 22.

Docker is hot. That much was clear from the buzz — and the news — around this year’s DockerCon. The evidence suggests that the billion-dollar company responsible for accelerating the “container revolution” is at a tipping point.

550 people attended DockerCon in 2014.… Read the rest

Here comes the industrial Internet — and enormous amounts of data

Data lakes will look nothing like this.

The “Internet of Things” is a trendy term that probably makes you think about connected toasters and smart refrigerators. But for GE, it also includes jet engines and power generators.

You might not think of these giant artifacts of industrial culture as part of the Internet of Things, but they will be — and their impact is going to be far bigger than adding some superfluous level of convenience to your dishwasher.… Read the rest

TWiT TV on Apple, Twitter, Reddit, and more

TWiT episode 514

I was on This Week in Tech — also known as TWiT — this past weekend, along with Harry McCracken, Patrick Norton, and Merlin Mann, plus host Leo LaPorte.

It’s a two-hour live show, but the time went by fast: Leo keeps things moving along and everybody had something interesting to say about the week’s biggest tech news stories.… Read the rest

Ex-Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior uses haiku and painting to find balance in work, life

Former Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior (right) speaks with Bloomberg's Stephanie Mehta.

SAN FRANCISCO — Former Cisco chief technical officer Padmasree Warrior is a painter and a haiku poet, as well as one of the leading female executives in the technology world.

For her, art and technology are interlinked. Creating art — and she emphasized that she is an amateur artist — involves some of the same challenges of communication and innovation as creating new tech products, she said.… Read the rest

How Harvard Business Review and VentureBeat achieve growth online

I spoke with Josh Macht (Group Publisher, Harvard Business Review) on an episode of Hubspot’s podcast The Growth Show to talk about how our publications have been able to survive — and thrive — in the digital age.

It’s an interesting 30-minute conversation about how digital publications can grow, attract the right audiences, and monetize.… Read the rest

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