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Tech media companies find that rapid growth doesn’t come easy

The news business: It's still afloat.

Publishing is a tough business. And despite the buckets of venture capital that have been poured into media companies in recent years, it’s clear that not every publisher can make those investments pay off.

Two recent exits, Re/code and Gigaom, show why tech publishers need to diversify their revenue sources.… Read the rest

How Reddit’s fixed salary policy is diversifying its workforce

Ellen Pao onstage with Kara Swisher (left) at the Code Conference in May 2015

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, California — Reddit is taking an unusual measure towards diversifying its workforce: It has stopped negotiating salaries with potential hires.

“Women are one-quarter as likely to negotiate for salary as men are, and when they do, they’re penalized,” Reddit’s interim chief executive Ellen Pao said today at the Code Conference.… Read the rest

Senator Elizabeth Warren puts tech crowd to sleep with talk of infrastructure

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, onstage at the Code Conference with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg.

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, California — Senator Elizabeth Warren is on fire about infrastructure.

Specifically, Warren says, America needs to resume investing in things like roads, bridges, power grids — as well as education and basic research — that enable future innovation.… Read the rest

Nobody wants your wearable

Skully's "smart motorcycle helmet" includes a rear-view camera and a heads-up display.

SAN FRANCISCO — The problem with wearable technology might just be that nobody particularly wants it.

Not if you call it “wearable technology,” that is. That’s the conclusion proffered by Marcus Weller, the chief executive and cofounder of Skully, the maker of a “smart” motorcycle helmet.… Read the rest

Wherever Satoshi Nakamoto is, he’s probably filthy rich by now


The mysterious creator of Bitcoin identified himself as “Satoshi Nakamoto” in the 2009 software release that kickstarted the cryptocurrency.

After playing an active role in the Bitcoin community from 2009 to 2011 — only via email, never in person or by phone — Nakamoto disappeared, leaving many people dying to know who the real person is behind this pseudonym.… Read the rest

I backed up 24,280 photos to Google Drive. What happened next blew my mind

Dylan Tweney, the future editor-in-chief of VentureBeat, in front of Versailles in 2000.

My lovely wife and I recently decided to back up all our family photos to a single online location, so we’d be less dependent on the Mac Mini they currently live on. That, in turn, would free the Mini up so that the 14-year-old could use it as a music-and-movie studio and (eventually, I hope) to get some homework done.… Read the rest

Welcome to our beautifully designed, corporate-controlled future Internet

At Slack headquarters in San Francisco.

There’s a generational shift in technology happening right now: From the open Web to native apps, from desktops to mobile phones, from platforms built on standards to platforms owned by corporations.

Let’s call it the second Internet. Here’s what it looks like:

Facebook Instant Article

That’s right — it’s Facebook.… Read the rest

PR folks: Here’s how to pitch me

The lovely Ayelet Noff from PR firm Blonde 2.0 interviewed me on the best way for PR people to approach me with stories. Here’s an excerpt, but read the full story on her site if you’re wondering about this kind of thing.… Read the rest

A few notes on innovation

Originally published on Medium. Follow me there!

With nearly two billion people around the planet connected to the Internet, it is tempting to say that the revolution is nearly over. The largest providers of Internet access have consolidated their positions, the major search and social media players have been established, the largest content publishers have so much momentum and audience reach that they are difficult to dislodge.… Read the rest

Secrets of my inbox

Last summer, Ben Kaplan posted an interview with me about how PR folks can get my attention. I’ve been pointing people to this interview time and again, because it is a helpful summary of how my day really works.

Here’s the start of the transcript.… Read the rest

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