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Month: April 2015

How do you make sense of 2,000+ marketing tech companies? (podcast)

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This week on What to Think, we speak to John Koetsier, the vice president of research at VB Insight, VentureBeat’s new market-research arm.

VB Insight is taking a very data-driven approach to research. Case in point: For its latest report on social media management tools, VB Insight surveyed over 1,100 social media managers, analyzed a quarter-million tweets sent by 1,600 companies, and considered almost 200 different social media tools, ultimately doing detailed analysis of 28 leading tools.… Read the rest

What it takes to be a tech entrepreneur in 2015

Panelists Andy Tang, Toro Orero, Lauren Feldman, Emily Baum, Torsten Kolind, and Dylan Tweney.

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A handful of technologies have contributed to an explosion of entrepreneurship in the past decade, making the prospect of starting a tech company — or tech-enabled company — more accessible to people around the world.

  • Amazon Web Services makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to set up a server, build a prototype, and even launch a product with very little expense.
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