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Month: December 2014

Dylan’s Desk: Four trends to watch in the coming year

Happy New Year, dear readers.

It’s the traditional time for journalists to take a look at the past year, extend the trendlines forward, and make some predictions about how the coming year will play out.

Unfortunately, journalists’ track record on that score is not so great.… Read the rest

These 17 companies achieved $1B+ valuations in 2014

At the end of the rainbow, you'll find a unicorn made of solid gold.

Update 12/29: We’ve added AdYen.

Update 12/30: We’ve added IronSource.

Update 1/6/2015: We’ve added Credit Karma.

It is really, really difficult to create a company and grow it to the point where investors believe it is worth $1 billion or more.… Read the rest

“In the pots warmed the bigos; mere words cannot tell
Of its wondrous taste, colour and marvellous smell.
One can hear the words buzz, and the rhymes ebb and flow,
But its content no city digestion can know.
To appreciate the Lithuanian folksong and folk food,
You need health, [to] live on land, and be back from the wood.… Read the rest

Body cameras are the first step to reducing police brutality


Let’s get one thing clear: No gadget will fix bad policing. There is no app to cure racism.

But putting body cameras on police officers is one hell of a start. It is one of the few areas where a new technology offers a clear, unambiguous social benefit.… Read the rest

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