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Month: August 2014

How to make Facebook work better for you: Quit the ‘Like’

The “Like” button on Facebook seems harmless enough: It’s an easy way to express your appreciation of something.

But as some people are discovering, that innocuous little like has some unintended consequences.

Wired writer Mat Honan found out what happens when you like every single thing that shows up in your Facebook feed.… Read the rest

Re-educating myself.

I was chatting via IM with science writer and Wired contributor Quinn Norton recently when a light bulb went on. We were talking about math and physics, a conversation spurred by Quinn’s reading of the remarkable Garrett Lisi‘s paper proposing a new unified theory of physics.… Read the rest

Make a Better Product

If your product isn’t selling, who do you turn to? Those who help make your product? Or those who buy it?

For newspaper publishers it’s a trick question, because they’re accustomed to thinking of their customers as their readers. That’s not true: Their readers are the product, and advertisers are the customer.… Read the rest

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