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Month: August 2013

Twitter adds ‘related headlines’ to embedded tweets

Twitter says, starting today, you’ll see “related headlines” appearing underneath tweets that have been embedded on websites.

There’s some confusion about whether these headlines will appear on websites or not. Some people, like Jay Rosen, hate the idea of embedding links to other people’s websites.… Read the rest

You don’t get to be a technology company by having a logo

KGO’s Jonathan Bloom came by VentureBeat’s office yesterday to interview me about Yahoo’s new logo. Here’s his video!

And here’s Jonathan’s writeup on the new logo, including some great man-on-the-street interviews and a classic reaction from the head of the Academy of Art’s design school.… Read the rest

The lovely leather of Walnut Studiolo

About a year ago I wrote about Walnut Studiolo, a Portland-based craft shop that makes leather and wood accessories for bicycles.

If you think it’s reasonable to spend $72 for a leather cup holder that’s the perfect size for a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, then you’ll love Walnut’s work.… Read the rest

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