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Month: July 2011

Despite record IPO week, NASDAQ CEO doesn’t see a bubble



The NASDAQ stock exchange just posted a record week for initial public offerings, with companies including Zillow and Skullcandy roughly half a billion dollars in three days.

Next week, the stock market will see seven separate IPOs.Taking the weeks of July 18 and July 25 together, the NASDAQ expects these IPOs will raise a cumulative $1.43 billion.… Read the rest

Former DoubleClick team raises $6M for comparison-shopping engine


DoubleClick cofounder Kevin O’Connor has a new startup, FindTheBest, aimed at helping you compare everything from air purifiers to venture capitalists.

Now, with a $6 million funding round from Kleiner Perkins that closed Tuesday, FindTheBest should be in a good position to build out its “data driven content platform,” which combines computer-driven semantic analysis with human-powered tagging to build data sets quickly and efficiently.… Read the rest

TouchType uses the entire internet to upgrade its Android keyboard



To upgrade its Android keyboard, TouchType Ltd. drew on the combined linguistic intelligence of the entire online universe.

“We made a copy of the internet,” chief marketing officer Joe Braidwood told VentureBeat.

SwiftKey X, the latest version of the company’s keyboard for Android handsets and tablets, is just an app.… Read the rest

World’s newest country, South Sudan, liveblogs its own birth

The new nation of South Sudan celebrated its birth with flag-waving, street celebrations and an official liveblog.

“FREE at last!” proclaims the website, goss.org, which states it is the official website of the South Sudanese government.

Scroll down, and you find regular updates from the streets of Juba, where the blog notes that jubilant citizens are gathering to celebrate the creation of the new South Sudanese state.  … Read the rest

The shuttle program ends, and with it, an era of American tech excellence

Shuttle launch on TV

The last American space shuttle, STS-135, lifted off this morning, bringing to a close a remarkable era in U.S. technological dominance.

I stayed home and watched the launch on TV, just as I watched the very first shuttle launch on TV in 1981.… Read the rest

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