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Month: January 2011 (page 1 of 2)

Amazon.com Security Flaw Accepts Passwords That Are Close, But Not Exact

An Amazon.com security flaw allows some customers to log in with variations of their actual password that are close to, but not exactly, their real password.

The flaw lets Amazon accept as valid some passwords that have extra characters added on after the 8th character, and also makes the password case-insensitive.… Read the rest

Robots Evolve More Natural Ways of Walking

Robots that look like oversized hockey pucks, dune buggies or refrigerators may be practical for cleaning floors, exploring Mars or dispensing beer, but it’s the walking robots that capture our imagination.

The trick is making them use their legs to walk efficiently, not like stiff-legged metal monsters out of a 1950s B movie.… Read the rest

Haiku on the radio.

I was very happy to appear on the NPR and WBUR radio program On Point last week, for an hourlong discussion of haiku with the host, Tom Ashbrook.

Guests included Frogpond editor George Swede and economist Stephen Ziliak (the author of an essay called “Haiku Economics” in the most recent issue of Poetry) as well as myself.… Read the rest

Windows Ill-Suited to Touchscreens, New Tablets Show

Photo of the Acer Iconia, by Jon Snyder

Most of the tablets released in 2011 will be Android-based, but a few stalwarts are sticking with Windows.

We recently got a closer look at two tablets shown off in Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s CES 2011 keynote: The Acer Iconia and the Asus Eee Slate EP121.… Read the rest

Real-Life Angry Birds Adds Human Interaction to Your Addiction


A game currently in development by Mattel will let you play Angry Birds in real life.

The iPhone and iPad game has been near or at the top of the Apple App Store’s “most popular” list for months, and has been downloaded more than 50 million times.… Read the rest

For 3-D Video, the Near Future is D.I.Y.


If you don’t like the options for 3-D content, go out and make some of your own.

That’ll be an increasingly practical option in 2011, thanks to a handful of new 3-D consumer cameras and camcorders.

Previously, you had to be a pretty serious stereophotography enthusiast to make 3-D images or video.… Read the rest

Verizon or AT&T: Which Will Deliver the Best iPhone Experience?

U.S. iPhone customers have been eagerly awaiting a Verizon-branded iPhone almost since day one.

Starting February 10, they’ll have that option. Verizon announced Tuesday that it would soon offer the iPhone 4 on its 3G network. The 16-GB model will cost $200 and a 32-GB model will go for $300, both with a two-year contract.… Read the rest

Reports: Verizon iPhone Likely Coming Jan. 11

U.S. iPhone users frustrated with AT&T’s frequently dropped callslimited geographic coveragedelayed delivery of iPhone tetheringelimination of unlimited data planspoor customer service, and alleged cooperation with warrantless wiretapping by the NSA may soon have an alternative.*… Read the rest

Video: What’s Hot at CES

LAS VEGAS — This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is more about incremental upgrades than massive breakthroughs. And, of course, there are the tablets.

Check out this video for a quick, two-minute overview of the highlights.

Full story: Video: What’s Hot at CES | Gadget Lab | Wired.comRead the rest

Turn Your Body’s Motion Into Power for Your Phone

LAS VEGAS — Put this tubular object in your backpack, and you can generate juice for your cellphone — just by walking around.

The nPower PEG (short for “personal energy generator”) contains a weight, a spring, some inductive coils and a battery.… Read the rest

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