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Month: March 2010 (page 1 of 2)

Database migration.

I spent way too much of last Sunday figuring out how to import over 300 articles from my database of published articles into WordPress, to make it easier to find and manage all that work. Those articles are now visible in the published work category here in my blog.… Read the rest

Minscul Mini

Minscul Mini, originally uploaded by dtweney.

Neatly sidestepping any debates about spelling.

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Polyamorous Headset’s Got Love for Xbox, iPhone and Skype

Polyamorous Headset's Got Love for Xbox, iPhone and Skype
Astro’s new A30 headset has more options than a room full of Wall Street executives. Want to use it with your Xbox 360? No problem. Using Skype on your PC? Plug in the boom microphone. Hitting the road with an iPhone?
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You Could Easily Swallow This 32-GB MicroSD Card

electron microscope photo of cross-section of 32GB microSD card

Two — no, three — things in life are sure: Death, taxes, and the fact that storage manufacturers will continue to cram ever-more ridiculous quantities of memory into tinier packages.

SanDisk announced a new 32-GB microSDHC card on Monday, effectively doubling the maximum storage capacity of the tiny, less-than-dime-sized memory chips found in many modern smartphones.… Read the rest

The Woodstock of Physics

a ballroom full of physicists, 1987

1987: Thousands of physicists crowd a ballroom at the New York Hilton for a hastily arranged marathon session on high-temperature superconductivity. The event generates so much excitement that it is later referred to as the “Woodstock of Physics.”

Discovered in 1911, superconductivity is a phenomenon in which certain materials, at very low temperatures, become essentially transparent to electricity: Their resistance drops to zero and electrons can flow freely, with perfect efficiency.… Read the rest

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