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Month: June 2009

News lessons from TMZ and Michael Jackson

tmz_jacksonLos Angeles gossip site TMZ got the scoop that Michael Jackson died. They had it about half an hour after paramedics arrived, and about 15 minutes ahead of the LA Times. When the LA Times blog was just reporting that MJ was in the hospital, and then in a coma, TMZ already had a headline that said “Michael Jackson Dies.”

That’s a great hed, by the way: It’s direct and to the point.… Read the rest

The notificator.


Twitter, circa 1935

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Open letter to a reader of Wired.com

Thanks for your careful attention to our blogs.

It may come as a surprise to you to find out that Wired publishes about 10 different blogs, accounting for a total of 50-100 articles per day, with a staff of about 25.… Read the rest

Sultans of Stride


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