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Month: April 2009 (page 1 of 2)

Google maps ABC


Google Maps Typography, by Rhett Dashwood.

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“I would be buying media properties”

Former Gawker editor and Awl founder Choire Sicha: “If I were going to be buying things now, I would be buying media properties. You get a lot of bang for your buck. People are making good, stable money, recession or no.… Read the rest

Chain mail

Knight sending a text message

English Russia » Only in Russia 20. (via Gizmodo)

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Steampunk Segway


I want to see video of someone riding this.

Jalopnik – Segway Goes Steampunk With “Legway” – Legway.

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Totoro creampuffs


How to make delicious Totoro cream puffs, by bento art genius Annathered. We are totally doing this. (thanks, Xeni!)

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