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Month: November 2008

Nov. 26, 1894: Cybernetics Pioneer Norbert Wiener Born

1894: Norbert Wiener is born in Columbia, Missouri. A child prodigy, he goes on to become one of the 20th century’s most famous mathematicians and the founder of the discipline of cybernetics, the study of self-regulating systems.

Norbert’s father, Leo Wiener, was a lecturer (and later professor) of Slavic languages at Harvard University, where the family moved shortly after Norbert’s birth.… Read the rest

Journalism and PR in the new media age.

As the publishing industry collapses, it’s becoming clear that both journalists and public relations people need to change the way they work.

Amazingly, it’s still possible to find journalists throwing hissy fits about email blasts or blacklisting PR people for showing insufficient deference.… Read the rest

Social networking comes of age.

If anyone doubted the power and importance of online social networks, the election of Barack Obama should have put that to rest.

Much has been made of the Obama campaign’s use of the internet as an organizing, fundraising and marketing tool.… Read the rest

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