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Month: October 2008

Geotagging the news.

Imagine that news stories and blog posts could be tied to a geographic area. If lots of news publishers and bloggers did this, you could:

  • Search Google News for stories from a specific neighborhood, like “Hyde Park in Chicago,” or a general region, like “within 50 miles of Three Mile Island.”
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New chips transform photography, video.

While I was on vacation, a feature story I wrote earlier in the month got published on Wired. It’s about the technological progress in CMOS imaging chips, and why the tech is making it possible, for the first time, to record video on a digital single-lens reflex camera.… Read the rest

New Chips Poised to Revolutionize Photography, Film


For the first time, professional-grade single-lens reflex cameras are gaining the ability to record high-definition video. That capability, photographers say, has the potential to transform both still photography and moviemaking — and it’s largely thanks to advances in the semiconductor technology used to make the image sensors inside these cameras.… Read the rest

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