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Month: August 2008

One deer, one owl in flight, six or eight rabbits, and 17 miles.

The sun was rising behind the hills over Crystal Springs reservoir this morning at 6:20am, but you couldn’t see it yet. There was just enough light to brighten the overcast sky and to make the threaded wisps of mist rising off the slate-dark water stand out clearly.… Read the rest

Bigfoot hunters fail to produce corpse.

This was one of the more absurd assignments I’ve volunteered for recently: I covered a press conference in Palo Alto today where a trio of men claimed to have found a Bigfoot corpse, and produced blurry photos in an effort to substantiate their claim.… Read the rest

Bigfoot Hunters Fail to Produce Creature’s Corpse


PALO ALTO, California — Georgia residents Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer say they’ve found Bigfoot — and not only that, they say they have his body. They just didn’t happen to have the creature’s corpse with them for their press conference Friday.… Read the rest

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