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Month: July 2008

Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

The Sundance Channel has a show called “Big Ideas for a Small Planet.” Awhile back they interviewed me for that show, and now it appears that the episode — which is about “green gadgets” — is out.

It’s a $2 purchase in iTunes.… Read the rest

First Look: iPhone 3G Fires on (Almost) Every Cylinder


It’s not the groundbreaking, industry-changing event that the original iPhone was. But the iPhone 3G is a worthy upgrade to Apple’s smartphone, and fixes a few flaws that kept many people from buying the first version.

The addition of fast 3G wireless data, GPS and a more flexible, extensible operating system mean the iPhone is now entirely competitive with almost every other smartphone on the market.… Read the rest

Nanotubes Hold Promise for Next-Generation Computing

Carbon nanotubes grown on silicon wafers go in all directions (right), whilenanotubes grown on crystalline quartz are much more orderly, mostly growingin straight rows (left).
Image: Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering

Carbon nanotubes have been around for more than a decade, but so far they haven’t shown up anywhere outside of R&D labs and tennis racquets.… Read the rest

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