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Month: June 2008

So Long, Bill Gates, and Thanks for the Monopoly

He’s a merciless competitor, a shameless “fan” of other people’s ideas and an unapologetic monopolist. And because of all that, Bill Gates has done more to create the thriving computer industry than anybody else.

As Gates prepares to retire from full-time work at Microsoft July 1, after 33 years of doing everything from writing code to defending his company’s business practices in court, many people are saying ‘good riddance’ to the man most techies loved to hate.… Read the rest

WWDC Keynote: Steve Jobs Announces a $200, 3G iPhone


San Francisco — Steve Jobs announced the new 3G iPhone at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference today.

After a long presentation of the new development tools and corporate features that the phone’s updated operating system, "iPhone 2.0," will support, Jobs finally got to the details about the next-generation phone that has been rumored for months.… Read the rest

Developers at WWDC Looking Forward to iPhone 3G Platform

SAN FRANCISCO — Judging by the sampling of developers Wired.com quizzed at Apple’s WWDC today, the iPhone will prove to be an attractive platform for both work and play.

And, thanks to the iPhone 3G’s low $200 price tag and its corporate-friendly features, geeks embedded deep within the bowels of corporate America will finally be able to use the Apple phone instead of being stuck with BlackBerry and Palm Treo smartphones.… Read the rest

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