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Month: May 2008

Review: Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good

Lacy_book_webThe timing for Sarah Lacy’s book couldn’t have been luckier. It was published today, the same day that a host of acquisitions confirm the book’s central points: It’s better to sell out than IPO, and the ties between web 1.0 and web 2.0 run deep — in fact, they’re not all that different after all.… Read the rest

Nokia to Tackle Google, First in Mapping, Then Everywhere

Nokia doesn’t want you to think of its forthcoming mapping software for PCs as a Google Maps competitor. But press them, and Nokia executives will admit Google is the enemy. And with that particular enemy, there can be no compromise.

At the Where 2.0 conference in Burlingame, Calif.… Read the rest

Where’s My Memex?

Living online, it’s easy to get overloaded. Tools designed to simplify communication, like Twitter and Facebook, somehow wind up turning into extra inboxes you have to keep an eye on lest you miss something. RSS feeds proliferate and multiply. Channels of communication that once seemed intimate (IM, SMS) turn into high-volume streams of data that need to be managed alongside email, news, notes and more.… Read the rest

Review: Olympus E-420 is One Smokin’ SLR


Let’s get one thing out of the way: Even though it’s called the 420, Olympus’ latest camera has absolutely nothing to do with illicit drug use. We tried to find a secret compartment for storing your stash: No dice.

In fact, the Olympus Evolt E-420 doesn’t have much room for stashing anything.… Read the rest

The good old days.

“I just told my son that when I was a kid I had to leave home to play video games, to watch movies, to send mail, to see friends….”

Martin Varsavsky on Twitter

Read the rest

Yahoo is the hometown hero.

“Folks here were never that psyched about the idea of Microsoft buying one of the hometown heroes and I think they’re happy to see that the deal is off the table right now.” That’s me, talking on public radio station KQED this morning about Silicon Valley’s reaction to the now-suspended Microsoft-Yahoo merger.… Read the rest

Wired’s Gadget Lab podcast is #6 in iTunes.

A nice surprise over the weekend: the Gadget Lab podcast I produce has risen to the #6 spot among technology podcasts in iTunes’ podcast directory. That’s pretty remarkable, given that we produce this podcast in a borrowed closet with no budget and zero marketing.… Read the rest

Maker Faire and DIY culture.

O’Reilly’s annual Maker Faire is happening this weekend, May 3 and 4, 2008, in San Mateo. It’s a festival of do-it-yourself (DIY) culture, and is a chance to see just how creative people can get with soldering guns, welders, circuit boards, old bicycle parts and lots of propane.… Read the rest

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