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Month: March 2008

Cranky Geeks.

Dylan Tweney on Cranky GeeksI’m on the latest episode of John C. Dvorak’s video show, Cranky Geeks, this week. This was a fun one: The guests were former Ziffians Annaliza Savage and myself, both of whom are now working at Wired.com, and we had a lively, pugnacious conversation with Dvorak about filesharing, China blocking YouTube, botnets, and the war.… Read the rest

Cool Tool: Topeak Mini 6

This incredibly compact, bike-oriented multi-tool has five different sizes of Allen wrench plus a Phillips screwdriver head, all of which folds up into a little pod about the size of a walnut. Sometimes I’ll carry it in my pocket or toss it in shoulder bag; mostly I keep it in the under-seat pouch of my bike.… Read the rest

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