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Month: August 2007 (page 1 of 2)

Jay Rosen: The journalism that bloggers actually do.

Jay Rosen: ‘No one owns the practice of reporting or assigns the right to do it. It’s a democratic thing to tell others what’s going on and “show your work.”‘ The journalism that bloggers actually do

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Sky: The final frontier

This looks really cool: Google Earth now lets you explore the sky, too. Google LatLong: Sky: The final frontier

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One Laptop Per Child, Reviewed by 12-Year-Old

In short: keyboard is great; speed and battery life suck: Freedom to Tinker » Blog Archive » One Laptop Per Child, Reviewed by 12-Year-Old

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Filmmakers Chase Their Dream–On a Segway

Josh Caldwell and Hunter Weeks were bored with their cubicle-farm jobs, making good money but feeling empty and unfulfilled. Like many white-collar workers, they dreamed of a life beyond the veal-fattening pens. But unlike most, they found a unique way to bust out of their corporate prison: They rode a Segway, at 10 mph, from Seattle to Boston, and in the process turned themselves into filmmakers.… Read the rest

Virgin America: Like a Multimillion-Dollar IPod. That Flies.

Originally published on Wired.com

Virgin America launched its U.S. air service yesterday, and immediately staked a claim as the most geek-friendly airline yet invented. It’s also one of the most comfortable and pleasant to fly in — and it’s reasonably priced.… Read the rest

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