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Month: June 2007

Spork of the gods.

Really, what could be more perfect than an elegant titanium spork? Spork of the gods

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iPhone: Tool of Satan.

Lore Sjoberg unveils the dark secret: the iPhone is the tool of Satan! Beware the Magical IPhone

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The greatest gadgets of all time.

If you understand what a “gadget” is, please go vote for your favorites here — lots of people are unclear on the concept, so we need some smarties to offset the clueless: Wired News: The Greatest Gadgets of All Time

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Safari slower than Firefox?

Well, that was fun! My quick-and-dirty benchmark of Safari 3 for Windows really brought the haters out of the woodwork: Wired News Benchmarks Show Safari 3 Is Slower Than IE 7, Firefox

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Space Cowboys and the Steampunk Treehouse.

Space Cowboy UnimogOne of the best discoveries I made at the Yuri’s Night party at NASA Ames a couple months ago was the Space Cowboys, a group of people with a modified Mercedes-Benz Unimog — it looks like a military vehicle — that they’ve turned into a self-contained, mobile, fully street-legal dance machine.… Read the rest

Clicking on URLs in Apple Terminal.

Amazing how hard it was to find this information: To open a URL in Apple’s Terminal, Cmd+double click on the URL. I may go back to using pine after all. Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in OS X

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Beer vs. biofuels.

I was shocked to learn that barley prices have doubled in the last 2 years, thanks to demand for the stuff from biofuels makers. I’m all for fighting global warming, but this is getting out of hand, people! Trouble brewing for beers prices

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The information universe and what it wants.

That modest subject is what I was asked to speak about, yesterday at the meeting of OCLC‘s RLG Programs group in Washington, DC. My presentation gave a quick overview of the web, covered the current state of information management on the internet (focusing on social media, tagging, and the search market) and made some predictions about what the next five years will bring.… Read the rest

Overheard on the Metro.

“Calm down, go to the club, have a beer — I can’t be holding your hand all the time!” — Harried sounding young woman, talking on her cell phone as she emerged from the DC Metro.

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