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Month: June 2007 (page 1 of 2)

Spork of the gods.

Really, what could be more perfect than an elegant titanium spork? Spork of the gods

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iPhone: Tool of Satan.

Lore Sjoberg unveils the dark secret: the iPhone is the tool of Satan! Beware the Magical IPhone

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The greatest gadgets of all time.

If you understand what a “gadget” is, please go vote for your favorites here — lots of people are unclear on the concept, so we need some smarties to offset the clueless: Wired News: The Greatest Gadgets of All Time

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Safari slower than Firefox?

Well, that was fun! My quick-and-dirty benchmark of Safari 3 for Windows really brought the haters out of the woodwork: Wired News Benchmarks Show Safari 3 Is Slower Than IE 7, Firefox

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Space Cowboys and the Steampunk Treehouse.

Space Cowboy UnimogOne of the best discoveries I made at the Yuri’s Night party at NASA Ames a couple months ago was the Space Cowboys, a group of people with a modified Mercedes-Benz Unimog — it looks like a military vehicle — that they’ve turned into a self-contained, mobile, fully street-legal dance machine.… Read the rest

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