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Month: October 2006 (page 1 of 2)

The big YouTube payoff.

From Mark Cuban’s blog, some intimate details on the Google YouTube Deal. This analysis is interesting because, according to Cuban’s informant, as much as $500 million of the $1.62 billion deal may have been set aside to pay off copyright infringement claims.… Read the rest

Rappers Descend on DC, Demand Hip-Hop Poet Laureate

“rappers from across the country protested the appointment of Donald Hall, a reclusive white man, to the position of Poet Laureate of the United States”: TheSpoof.com : Rappers Descend on DC, Demand Hip-Hop Poet Laureate

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Marie Antoinette.

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette The problem with Marie Antoinette is that it ends before the title character is executed. After watching that much profligate waste for two hours, I could understand the peasants’ rage perfectly. And by waste, I don’t just mean the French court’s–I mean Sofia Coppola’s.… Read the rest

3 business models that always work.

Hard to tell if this is serious or a joke but boiled down (“promote, promote, promote”) it makes sense: 3 business models that always work for everybody

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Contact lenses made of sugar glass and silk.

“I will stave off any more comments and just direct you to scoop up the book. It is like buying tiny contact lenses for the entirety of your perception, lenses made of sugar glass and strands of silk.” How could you resist buying a $7 book when the reviewer concludes this way?… Read the rest

Carl Thayler 1933-2005.

I found out just last week that the poet Carl Thayler died last year.

Thayler is a thorny, difficult poet, committed to the precision and beauty of carefully-chosen words. His poetry is dense, often allusive, and steeped in historical events and figures that many people now are not intimately familiar with–and yet his poems make no concessions to the ignorance of the reader.… Read the rest

The future of new media.

The SDForum event I spoke at on Wednesday was fairly interesting. I got to discuss the future of new media with Anil Dash of Six Apart, Theresa Carey of Barron’s, and Ramneek Bhasin of Mobio Networks. The moderator was Steve Bengston of PriceWaterhouseCooper.… Read the rest

Izu Gokurakuen, aka Heaven Park.

Photo by Juergen SpechtGreat photos of a bizarre Japanese theme park with dioramas showing the various stations of Buddhist hell. Juergen Specht – Ojoyushu

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When man invented the bicycle…

“When man invented the bicycle, he reached the peak of his attainments. Here was a machine of precision and balance for the convenience of man. And (unlike subsequent inventions for man’s convenience) the more he used it, the fitter his body became.… Read the rest

BT MeetMe

BT has a phone conferencing system called “MeetMe.” I was rendered nearly speechless with giggles when the automated system greeted me with a chirpy female voice saying, “Welcome to BTMeetMe!”

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