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Technorati: Can you help?

I’ve been having a hell of a time getting Technorati to recognize the “haiku” tags I add to every original poem posted on tinywords, the haiku site I publish. I’ve tried everything I can think of: tinywords is a registered blog on Technorati, every haiku carries an internal “” tag link as well as a link to the , I ping Technorati (manually), I moved my internal tag link into the body of each post, I even restructured tinywords’ archive URL to ensure that Technorati actually recognizes it as a collection of tagged posts. No dice.

Technorati is picking up on site updates — in a blog search for haiku I can find tinywords, and it appears in that list as having been updated 8 hours ago (correctly). But a tag search doesn’t show the current day’s haiku at all.

Technorati’s help pages are no use — I’ve followed all the instructions there with no effect. I’ve bitched about Technorati before, so maybe someone there is pissed off at me — who knows?

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?


  1. Terrible irony. This post made it to the Technorati tag page for haiku.

  2. Update 9/14: It looks like I finally got Technorati to pick up on my posts. I realized finally that although Technorati was marking tinywords as \”recently updated,\” it actually hadn\’t picked up on any particular posts since I stopped using WordPress as my publishing system there.

    The solution was twofold: I added a rel=\”bookmark\” tag to the permalinks on each post, and I added a metatag pointing to the site\’s RSS feed (which has the added bonus of making tinywords into a Live Bookmark in Firefox). Since then, Technorati has been picking up on my posts. Whew! And sometimes, it even recognizes the \”haiku\” tag — although not reliably.

    Moral of the story: If you\’re not using a standard blogging platform like WordPress, you\’ve got to work extra hard to help Technorati recognize your posts.

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