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Month: June 2006 (Page 1 of 4)

Splash ‘n’ Shoot

Summer is all about the right mix of sun and surf. It’s the perfect time – and light – for fun pics but can be brutal on a typical camera’s innards. That’s why you need a waterproof shooter. Unlike standard models that are often accessorized with a cumbersome dive case, these cams come ready to get wet.… Read the rest

The Ultimate Ultralight Camp

A new generation of backcountry gear offers the perfect balance of high performance and low, low weight. Your back will be ecstatic.

Big Agnes Seedhouse Superlight 2
It might not be blizzard-worthy, but this sub-3.5-pound, two-person tent is as easy to pitch as it is to haul.… Read the rest

Blast to the Past

To decode da Vinci, you need a firm grasp of art. To learn from Archimedes, you need to get your hands on something a bit more sophisticated. Like a synchrotron that accelerates electrons to nearly the speed of light to produce x-rays.… Read the rest

GoLite Wisp Jacket.

GoLite Wisp Jacket - UnisexGoLite’s Wisp windjacket ($50-60) is made out of faerie wings. OK, it’s really made out of alien space fabric. Whatever the material, it’s mysteriously lightweight, so the whole jacket only weighs 2.5 ounces and you can squish it down to the size of a large orange and jam it into a corner of your pack.… Read the rest

Subscribe to Comments.

Blog comments are like drive-by shootings: Someone fires off a comment, then disappears, never to be seen again. There’s no follow-through, and it’s hard to engage in a sustained back-and-forth shootout, I mean, conversation.

Subscribe to Comments changes that. It’s a free WordPress plugin that accomplishes something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: Make it easy for people who comment on blog posts to stay in the conversation, without demanding that they return to my website to see if anyone has responded to them.… Read the rest

Videonet 1.0.

The videonet is here.

Data point: People upload 50,000 videos to YouTube every day. In turn, the site delivers 50 million video views each day. That’s huge.

One of the most useful panels at Supernova covered “the rise of the videonet.”… Read the rest

Waiting for the Dough on the Web

How real is the Net advertising boom? “Only about 6 percent of all advertising spending in the United States went to the Internet in the first quarter of the year … but it was clearly the fastest-growing category — up 38 percent year over year.”… Read the rest

Supernova 2006 observations.

It’s a stellar networking event.

The presentations were way too long, and too many of them were packed with empty platitudes about collaboration, change, innovation, “user generated content,” the “long tail,” blah blah blah. I nearly fell asleep several times.

There was a lot of wit and intelligence on the IRC back channel.… Read the rest

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