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Month: March 2006 (Page 3 of 4)

Jury duty.

If you’re trying to find me today, you’ll have to wait. I’ve been called for jury duty and I’m spending the day in the cell- and wifi-free basement of the San Mateo County Hall of Justice. There is a wifi network in the jury room, but it won’t give anyone an IP address.… Read the rest

5 Hot tech topics.

Five hot science and technology stories this week.

1. User-created content.

Brush aside the Web 2.0 an “attention economy” hype from ETech and SXSW. What really gets new media companies excited is the idea of user-created content–text, audio, and especially video that ordinary Janes and Joes create and contribute.… Read the rest

Camcorders for the people.

Here’s a great, world-changing idea: Give people camcorders. Let them make movies of human rights violations. Show the videos to the world. Founded in 1992 by Peter Gabriel, this organization is already making waves–for instance, videos showing abuses in the juvenile justice system in California were shown in the state capitol, prompting legislation to overhaul the system.… Read the rest

Kansas City Barbecue.

The Kansas City Barbecue joint right across from the San Diego Manchester Hyatt, on Harbor Blvd., is a regular dive. The Hyatt concierge steers guests away from the place with a frown and a hesitating reply that suggests it’s less than respectable.… Read the rest

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