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Month: March 2006 (page 1 of 4)

Undertaking a Difficult Sales Job

Hilariously bad PR: Undertaking a Difficult Sales Job

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Excessive abundance

If everything were free, just think how bored we’d all be. Geekonomics

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Clara the robot, the sequel.

Clara the robot Hey, look, my daughter’s on Boing Boing!

Boing Boing: Earth-children vs. Space Robots: things get ugly.

We are all so proud.

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101 Fabulous Freebies

101 Freebies logoMy feature story for PC World‘s May issue is online, and it’s a doozy. This story has capsule reviews of 101 completely free programs and web-based services. I worked my tail off to write this story, and I’m proud of the result: There’s a lot of great stuff in there.… Read the rest

Searching for Dummies

Are search engines making students dumber–or do they just not know how to use search engines well? Searching for Dummies – NYT

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Wikipedia study: Cooked?

Andrew Orlowski dishes more dirt on the Nature comparison of Wikipedia vs. Britannica: Nature mag cooked Wikipedia study | The Register

“Nature sent only misleading fragments of some Britannica articles to the reviewers, sent extracts of the children’s version and Britannica’s “book of the year” to others, and in one case, simply stitched together bits from different articles and inserted its own material, passing it off as a single Britannica entry.”… Read the rest

Camera review in Wired.

My first review for Wired is out, in April’s issue. It’s on page 74, but for you digital types, it’s also midway down this page: Wired 14.04: PLAY

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Wikipedia’s reliability?

This morning, the WSJ ran a story on the Encyclopedia Britannica’s efforts to defend itself against assertions that it’s no more accurate than Wikipedia: WSJ.com – In a War of Words, Famed Encyclopedia Defends Its Turf

Here’s the Nature study on Wikipedia vs Encyclopedia Britannica that kicked the whole thing off back in December.… Read the rest

Selfish genes and soft heads.

Ten years ago I wrapped up my studies for an MA in religious studies, and walked out of the academic world. I had spent the previous two years of graduate study (plus much of my undergraduate career) trying to make sense of what people believe, how they organize the world around themselves, and how we can make sense of what others believe.… Read the rest

Attention and sex.

“There isn’t a single great work in the history of civilization, no novel, symphony, film, or song that was completed as a 1/5th time-slice between e-mail, IM, cellphones and television.” Attention and sex – scottberkun.com

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