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Month: November 2005

Esperanto for Toasters

In the not-too-distant future, your cell phone might become the key to your home. By transmitting a signal to a sensor, your phone will announce your arrival and the front door will unlock.

And that’s just the first step. Transmitters in the door will send signals elsewhere in your house, switching on the lights, turning up the heat, warming up the hot tub, queuing up your favorite MP3s on the home theater system, and telling your home computer to power on and download the latest e-mail.… Read the rest

Malevolent design.

Sure, intelligent design is bad science, because its central propositions can’t be tested — more precisely, there is no test that could show them to be false. But doesn’t it give you an extra frisson of schadenfreude to know that ID is also bad religion?… Read the rest

I rided a bike to school.

by Clara (transcribed, and annotated, by a teacher at preschool)
diagram of preschool, by Clara

Once upon a time I rided a bike to school. Cause it is hard to get to school on the freeway cause there is traffic. Traffic is so you can’t get through.… Read the rest

Palm Today, Gone Tomorrow

Palm lovers, get out your hankies. Thisstory is a real tearjerker.

The company that single-handedly createdthe personal digital assistant with the Pilot 1000in 1996 is at a crossroads. Down one path liesWindows. Down the other path: stagnation,decay, and perhaps death.

If you buy a Treo next year, there’s a goodchance that it will be based on the WindowsMobile operating system, not the venerable PalmOS that has powered all prior Treos and PDAs.At… Read the rest

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