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Month: October 2005

I’m a Robot!

tiny robotHere’s Clara’s outstanding robot costume, manufactured with a case of Pacifico and a box of Annie’s Mac and Cheese, plus some silver spray paint, a bit of flexible dryer conduit, a Sharpie, and plenty of duct tape — assembled entirely by Karen yesterday evening.… Read the rest

Penny wise.

Penny wise and pound foolish is waiting a couple of days so you can get your 1.57% discount on Amazon for using A9 — and in the meantime, the price of the thing you wanted to buy goes up by 5%.… Read the rest

Eyes on the Prize.

My first freelance article since leaving Mobile last month is out, and it’s for Technology Review:

Eyes on the Prize
If hefty technology prizes like DARPA’s $2 million Grand Challenge prize push technology forward faster, why not create more of them?… Read the rest

Eyes on the Prize

When Stanford University’s robotic Volkswagen Touareg, “Stanley,” won the Grand Challenge last week, robot enthusiasts everywhere cheered. By completing a 210-kilometer course over difficult desert terrain in just under seven hours, Stanley set an unprecedented milestone for autonomous vehicles.

Even more amazingly, four other teams’ vehicles also completed the course, with slightly slower times.… Read the rest

Phony copyright crisis.

Andrew Orlowski is unusually clear-headed this week, pointing out the phony slump in movie revenues:

Listening to our old friend Lawrence Lessig and former MPAA boss Jack Valenti debate each other on National Public Radio last week, it became clear.

Read the rest

Xena has a moon.

The newly-discovered 10th planet, Xena, turns out to have a moon. They’re calling it Gabrielle, of course.

Xena and Gabrielle

Read the rest

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